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Dining options are limited in this area and keep in mind that alcoholic beverages are not allowed on park grounds!!  When we travel, we always try local delicacies.  In this case, we wanted to try the Navajo Flat Bread which is commonly sold in the valley but to our surprise when it arrived on our table, it looked and tasted exactly like a hungarian langos:-).  


There are many opportunities for photography from dawn to dusk but we recommend very early mornings or late evenings because during the day the sun is too strong, unless you have a cloudy sky.  Below are four examples of photos taken at different times of the day (dawn, sunrise, late afternoon and dusk)




To achieve different results in landscape photography, you can use different types of lenses.  Below are several examples, each taken with a different lens:  wide angle lens 14mm, zoom lens 24-105mm and tele lens 70-200mm



Again, below are two shots of the same location taken at different times of the day.



Good bye Monument Valley till next time.  On the way out, you can also stop at the Mexican Hat which is about 35km north of Monument Valley.



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