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Our tours are designed for photo enthusiasts of all experience levels.  We will take you to the best and most interesting locations for unique photography opportunities.  Groups consist of 4 to 6 people only so that you can get our full attention and advice while taking photos.


We believe that our photography knowledge and travel experiences give our Photo Tours a big advantage.



End of November 2016 - Kyoto, Japan


This photo tour is aimed to capture the incredible beauty of the Autumn Leaves in Kyoto.  Autumn Leaves festival is very popular and the rainbow of colours of the maple trees is something that everyone should see at least once in their life.  On this tour we will visit many famous temples:


Arashiyama Area:

- Adashino Nenbutsu Ji Temple

- Otagi Nenbutsu Ji Temple 

- Famous Bamboo Grove

- Togetsu-Kyo Bridge

- Tenryu Ji Temple

- Nison In Temple


Kyoto Area:

- Fushimi Innari

- Beshamondo Temple

- Kiyomizudera Temple

- Enko Ji Temple

- Tofuku Ji Temple

- Daigo Ji Temple

- Eikan Do Temple 


Express of interest accepted now, please email us for more details.



30 November - 4 December 2015 - New Zealand/South Island


Tour Highlights:

  • Wildflowers Lake Tekapo

  • Mt Cook National Park

  • Private tutoring with your Leaders throughout the Photo Tour

  • So much more....


Applications for this Photo Tour are now closed.



16 November - 26 November 2015 - Northern Territory


Tour Highlights:

  • Kakadu National Park

  • Litchfield National Park

  • Kathering Gorge

  • Devils Marbles National Park

  • Uluru

  • Kings Canyon

  • Ayers Rock

  • Olgas/ Kata Tjuta

  • Private tutoring with your Leaders throughout the Photo Tour

  • So much more....


Applications for this Photo Tour are now closed.



21 September 2015  -1 October 2015 - Western Australia



Tour Highlights:

  • Cable Beach, Broome

  • Cape Leveque

  • Karijini National Park

  • Turtle Beach

  • Monkey Bay

  • Pinnacles

  • Wildflowers of the west coast

  • Private tutoring with your Leaders throughout the Photo Tour

  • So much more....


Applications for this Photo Tour are now closed.

How do we prepare for each Tour


We use our travel experience and knowledge to organise photo tours around the world  We travel extensively and have experience in finding unique places for landscape photography.  Because we would like to spend quality time with our clients, our photo tours are designed for small groups of people.  Be prepared to get up very early in the morning and go to bed well after the sun sets.  That's what  landscape photography is about and we can promise that you will love to watch the birth of a new day or beautiful colours of sunsets anywhere in the world.

Our photo trips are meticulously planned well in advance so that when we get on location, we are ready to shoot.  We spend a lot of time doing research which helps us to figure out what's there, what the place is about and what subject we need to cover.  Our sources of information come from many different sources: Visiting places in advance, Web, Travel Books, Brochures, Documentaries, talking to people that already have been there etc. 

To get the best out of landscape photography we are always on location well before sunrise or late in the day, just before sun sets down.  We make sure that our equipment is set before we leave in the morning as it is hard to change lenses in the dark.  To achieve sharp pictures, we always carry our tripods with us, no matter how hard or how far we have to walk.

We usually return to the location a few times as the first time we try to take few photos from different angles and then review them later.  Every day is different, so are the conditions in which you take your photos.  One day you might experience a beautiful sunrise with very colourful clouds, the next day you might get a gloomy sky just before the storm.  All of this adds to the different moods of our pictures.

Since the majority of our photography is done either early or late in the day, we like to "get lost" and wander down alleys, watch people pass by, and talk to locals.  We are not afraid to look around the bends, over the rises, and get away from the crowd.  We always carry our cameras with us, as we never know what we will run into.  Serendipity plays an enormously important role in travel photography.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the destinations you are interested in.

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