All photos in the gallery below can be printed either in smaller or larger size

on acrylics or metallic photo paper.  

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Misty Reflection
Zen Window
Zen Window II
Zen Reflection
Zen Reflection II
Autumn Reflection I
Autumn Reflection II
Autumn Reflection III
Landing in Eden
Temple Reflection
Red Dawn
Journey to Jurassic
Cypress Trees Reflection 1
Cypress Trees Reflection 2
Aspen Reflections I
Aspen Reflections II
Aspen Reflections III
Aspen Reflections IV
Aspen Reflections V
Aspen Reflections VI
Matterhorn Reflection I
Matterhorn Reflection II
Matterhorn Reflection III
Pure Swiss
Autumn Reflections I
Autumn Reflections II
Autumn Reflections III
Autumn Reflections IV
Misty Reflection II
Green Light
Moraine Lake - Sunrise I
Moraine Lake - Sunrise II
Sydney Harbour Reflection
Sydney Harbour Bridge Reflection
Hammersley Reflections I
Hammersley Reflections II
Dales Gorge
Cable Beach
Oxbow's Bend I
Oxbow's Bend II
Oxbow's Bend III
Morning Reflections I
Morning Reflections II
Mitre Peak I
Mitre Peak II
Mitre Peak III
Daigoji Temple I
Dales Gorge
Sydney City Reflection
Enkouji Temple
Schwabacher's Landing I
Schwabacher's Landing II
Schwabacher's Landing III
Jackson Lake I
Jackson Lake II
Crater Lake I
Crater Lake II
Mt Cook I
Vermillion Lake
Olive Lake
Te Anau
Brisbane CBD
Gold Coast
Angkor Wat
Tenjyuan Garden I
Jetty Reflection
Mitre Peak Mirror I
Mitre Peak Mirror II
Mitre Peak Mirror III
Gold Peak Reflection 1
Dawn in Dolomites
Boathouse Reflection
Oberssee Reflection
Konigssee Island Reflection
Konigssee Bridge
Pyramid Lake
Bow Lake
Bow Lake I
Sydney Opera House I
Sydney Opera House II
Sydney Opera House III
Cradle Mountain I, Tasmania
Cradle Mountain II, Tasmania
Cradle Mountain III, Tasmania
Yosemite Valley
Hammersley Reflections III
Katherine Gorge
Lake Matheson I
Lake Matheson II
Lake Matheson III
Central Otago
Lone Tree I
Lone Tree
Sir Mt Egmont Sunset
Sir Mt Egmont
Mono Lake
Lake Gunn I
Lake Gunn II
Mirror Lake I
Mirror Lake II
Mirror Lake III
Lake McDonald
Swiftcurrent Lake
Autumn Reflection
Cypress Trees Reflection 4
Cypress Trees Reflection 4
Cypress Trees Reflection 6
Cypress Trees Reflection 7
Aspen Reflections VII
Aspen Reflections VIII
Aspen Reflections IX
Aspen Reflections X
Matterhorn Reflection IV
Matterhorn Reflection V
Matterhorn Reflection VI
Pure Swiss I
Autumn Reflections VI
Autumn Reflections VII
Autumn Reflections VIII
Autumn Reflections IX
Gold Peak Reflection
Oberssee Boathouse
Konigssee Island Reflection
Moraine Lake I
Moraine Lake II
Moraine Lake III
Olive Lake I
Olive Lake II
Lake McDonald
Vermilion Lake
Bow Lake
Morning Reflection
Sir Mt Egmont P

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