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Life in Vanuatu


Many people in Vanuatu live in modest accommodation.  Yet, they are happy and smile at you every time you meet them.  Even the trip home from work sitting on the back of a truck in heavy rain doesn't dampen their spirits.



At present about 60% of the cultivated area in Vanuatu is occupied by coconut plantations and it's largest coconut grove, the 1550 hectare Plantation Russet du Vanuatu just converted to organic.



Language in Vanuatu


Vanuatu has three official languages, English, French, and Bislama.  Bislama is a creole language evolved from English and the first language of many residents of Port Vila.  It is the most common second language elsewhere in the Vanuatu islands. 

As the weather was really bad, we were prepard to snorkel at any time:-).



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