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on acrylics or metallic photo paper.  

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Rolling Hills I
Rolling Hills II
Rolling Hills III
Rolling Hills IV
Purple Rain A1
Purple Rain A2
Purple Rain A3
Flower Tunnel A1
Rice Fields 1
Rice Fields 2
rice Fields 3
Rice Fields 4
Blue I - Whitehaven Beach
Blue II - Whitehaven Beach
Blue III - Whitehaven Beach
Blue IV - Whitehaven Beach
Apparition - Antelope Canyon
Monument - Antelope Canyon
Monument - Antelope Canyon
Heart of the Canyon
The Wave I
The Wave II
The Wave III
The Wave III
Medusa's Eye
Green Sculpture
Painted Hills I
Painted Hills II
Painted Hills III
Dune 45
Dune 7
Sand Dune I
Sand Dune II
Sand Dune III
Red Sand I
Red Sand II
Sand Dune VI
Mungo Pinnacles
Reflection II
Copper Curves I
Copper Curves II
Morning Glory
Morning Glory II
Silica Terraces
Silica Terraces II
Mammoth Terraces
Mammoth Terraces
Eiffel structure I
Eiffel structure II
Spring Water
Winter I
Winter II
Bird's Nest
Water Cube
Kuiseb Pass
Grand Prismatic

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