Moraine Lake
Sunrise I
Sunrise II
Sunrise V
Sunrise VI
Sunrise VII
Sunrise VIII
Sunrise IX
Sunrise X
Sunset I
Sunset V
Sunset VI
Sunset VIII
Canoe I
Canoe II
Sunset XI
Lake Louise
Lake Louise from Above I
Lake Louise from Above II
Lake Louise from Above III
Traffic on Lake Louise
Lake Louise I
Lake Louise II
Serene Light
Lake Louise III
Sunrise I
Sunrise II
Sunrise III
Lake Louise IV
Lake Louise V
Glacier Walk
Lake Agness
Waterton NP
Red Rock Canyon I
Red Rock Canyon II
Red Rock Canyon IV
Red Rock Canyon VI
Red Rock Canyon V-I
Watertown Lake I
Watertown Lake II
Watertown Lake III
Watertown Lake IV
Watertown Lake V
Kootenay NP Lakes
Olive Lake I
Olive Lake II
Olive Lake III
Olive Lake IV
Olive Lake V
Olive Lake VI
Olive Lake VII
Olive Lake VIII
Olive Lake IX
Hike Trail to Paint Pots I
Hike Trail to Paint Pots II
Hike Trail to Paint Pots III
Hike Trail to Paint Pots IV
Paint Pots
Hike Trail to Dog Lake II
Kootenay NP Falls & Canyons
Marble Canyon I
Marble Canyon II
Marble Canyon III
Marble Canyon IV
Marble Canyon V
Marble Canyon VIII
Marble Canyon IX
Marble Canyon X
Numa Falls I
Numa Falls III
Banff & Surroundings
Vermillion Lake I
Fairmont Springs Hotel I
Fairmont Springs Hotel II
Fairmont Springs Hotel III
Cave and Basin Historical Site I
Cave and Basin Historical Site II
Cave and Basin Historical Site III
Vermillion Lake II
Vermillion Lake III
Vermillion Lake IV
Vermillion Lake V
Vermillion Lake VI
Johnston Canyon I
Johnston Canyon II
Johnston Canyon III
Johnston Canyon IV
Johnston Canyon V
Johnston Canyon VI
Johnston Canyon VII
Johnston Canyon VIII
Icefield Parkway  - Bow and Waterfowl Lakes
Bow Lake
Bow Lake I
Bow Lake II
Bow Lake III
Bow Lake V
Waterfowl Lake I
Waterfowl Lake II
Waterfowl Lake III
Waterfowl Lake IV
Icefield Parkway Glaciers
Athabasca Glacier V
Athabasca Glacier I
Athabasca Glacier II
Athabasca Glacier IV
Athabasca Glacier V
Bow Glacier I
Crowfoot Glacier I
Crowfoot Glacier II
Crowfoot Glacier III
Yoho National Park
Emerald Lake I
Emerald Lake II
Emerald Lake III
Emerald Lake V
Natural Bridge
Jasper NP Falls and Canyons
Sunwapta Falls I
Sunwapta Falls II
Sunwapta Falls III
Athabasca Falls I
Athabasca Falls II
Athabasca Falls III
Athabasca Falls IV
Athabasca Falls V
Athabasca Falls VI
Maligne Canyon I
Maligne Canyon II
Maligne Canyon IV
Maligne Canyon V
Maligne Canyon VI
Maligne Canyon VII
Jasper NP Lakes
Pyramid Lake I
Pyramid Lake II
Pyramid Lake III
Pyramid Lake IV
Pyramid Lake V
Pyramid Lake VI
Pyramid Lake VII
Edith Lake
Patricia Lake
Wild Grizzly

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