All photos in the gallery below can be printed either in smaller or larger size

on acrylics or metallic photo paper.  

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Autumn Tunnel
Autumn Alley I
Autumn Alley II
Golfer's Dream
Rainbow over the golden shores
Golden Valley
Golden Poplars
Autumn Symphony
Autumn Reflection I
Autumn Reflection II
Golden Shores
Lake Whakatipu
Mangrove Moods III
Mangrove Moods I
Dancing Trees
Morning Reflection I
Morning Reflection V
Purple Dawn
Mangrove Moods XIII
Red Sunrise
Golden shores
Lone Tree
Lone Tree I
Autumn Trees
Spring Oasis
Autumn Mountains
Bamboo Grove in Autumn
Zen Reflection
Moss Trees
Mangrove Moods
Mangrove Moods VI
Lake Bonney
Lake Bonney I
Lake Bonney VII
Lake Bonney VIII
Autumn Alley
Outback Glow
Whakarewarewa Forest
Rays of Light
Up the trees
Deadvlei I
Deadvlei II
Deadvlei IV
Deadvlei V
Deadvlei VIII
Around the Ayer's Rock I
King's Canyon - Rim Walk
Sunrise over the Devil's Marbles
Outback Sunset
Outback Glow
Autumn Alley
Aspen Grove I
Three Amigos
Curved Aspens
Aspen Grove II
Aspen Grove III
Aspen Eyes
Aspen Grove IV
Aspen Grove V
Aspen Grove VI
Aspen Grove VII
Autumn Aspens I
Autumn Aspens II
Autumn Aspens III
Autumn Aspens IV
Autumn Aspens V
Road to a Fairytale
Autumn Aspens VI
Aspen Reflections I
Aspen Reflections II
Aspen Reflections III
Aspen Reflections IV
Pure Swiss I
Pure Swiss II
Pure Swiss III
Pure Swiss IV
Swiss Reflections
Misty Autumn
Pure Swiss V
Pure Swiss VI
Pure Swiss VII
Pure Swiss VIII
Misty Autumn II
Autumn Impressions I
Autumn Impressions II
Autumn Impressions III
Autumn Impressions IV
Autumn Impressions V
Cypress Trees 1
Cypress Trees 2
Cypress Trees 3
Cypress Tunnel
Cypress Trees 4
Cypress Trees 5
Cypress Trees 6
Red Dawn
Cypress Trees 7
Cypress Trees 8
Cypress Trees 9
Cypress Trees 10
Cypress Trees 11
Cypress Trees 13
Cypress Trees 14
Cypress Trees 14
Morning Glow
Morning Glow I
Morning Glow II
Under the Fern
Autumn Alley
Autumn Alley II
Tassie Autumn
Moravian Tuscany I
Moravian Tuscany II
Moravian Tuscany III
Moravian Tuscany IV
Tropical Paradise
Lone Palm Tree I
Lone Palm Tree II
Lone Palm Tree III
Magic Tree 1
Magic Tree 2
Magic Tree 3
Magic Tree 4
Magic Tree 5
Magic Tree 6
Magic Tree 7
Magic Tree 8
Sunrise in Myanmar
White Dream
Strbske Pleso
Winter Dream I
White Forest
Simpson's Gap
Red Rock Gorge
Goblin's Forest
Goblin's Forest I
Palm Valley
Otway NP
Aspen Trees
Autumn Alley I
Aspen Trees I
Autumn Leaves
Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach II
Cypress Tunnel
Banteay Kdei I
Ta Prohm
Ta Prohm II
Banteay Kdei II
Ta Prohm IV
Dreamy cottage
Golden Poplars
Standing Tall
Cypress Trees P1
Cypress Trees P2
Cypress Trees P3
Cypress Trees P4
Cypress Trees P5
Curved Aspens I
Curved Aspens II
Aspens I
Aspens II
Aspens III
Aspens IV
Aspens V
Aspens VI
Aspens VII
Aspens VIII
Morning Reflection
Bamboo Grove in Autumn P
Yellow Tree
Autumn Garden
Zen Reflection
Autumn Alley PI
Autumn Alley PII
Tropical Paradise V
Tropical Paradise VI
Spring Oasis P
Mangrove Moods
Morning Glow PI
Morning Glow PII
Autumn in Arashyiama
Halo Around Moon
Lake Bonney
Morning Reflection VI
King's Canyon
White Dream P
Autumn Glory I
Autumn Glory II
Autumn Glory III
Autumn Park

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