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on acrylics or metallic photo paper.  

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Jetty Reflection
Jetty on Fire
Under the Jetty
Surfers Paradise
Ice Diamond
Three Diamonds
Three jewels
Rainbow Glacier
Sunset in Paradise A
Sunset in Paradise B
Sunset in Paradise C
Sunset in Paradise D
Sunset in Paradise E
Sunrise in Paradise A
Sunrise in Paradise B
Sunrise in Paradise C
Under the Rainbow 2
Under the Rainbow
Golden Shores
Lon Tree I
Grand Canyon
Lake Moraine - Sunrise I
Lake Moraine - Sunrise II
Lake Moraine - Sunrise III
Delicate Arch
Monument Valley
Bay of Fires I
Island Archway Sunrise
12 Apostles - Red Sunrise
12 Apostles - Red Sunrise
12 Apostles
Bay of Fires Sunset
The Hazards
Island Archway Sunset
12 Apostles - Pink Sunrise II
12 Apostles - Pink Sunrise III
Bay of Fires II
Echidna 2
Bay of Fires - Sunset II
Cradle Mountain
Santorini Sunset 1
Santorini Sunset 3
Santorini Sunset 5
Little Church
Red Dawn
Cypress Trees Sunrise 1
Cypress Trees Sunrise 2
Cypress Trees Sunrise 3
Morning Glow
Morning Glow II
Morning Glow III
Cable Beach
Mangrove Moods III
Purple Dawn
Morning Reflection III
Dancing Trees
Mangrove Moods I
Red Sunrise
Morning Reflection I
Lake Bonney I
Lake Bonney II
Lake Bonney III
Lake Bonney III
Lake Bonney IV
London Bridge
Great Ocean Road
Shipwreck in the morning rays
Golden Shipwreck
Gold Coast Jetty Reflections
Landing on Mars
Rays of Life
Devil's Marbles
Uluru Sunrise
Uluru Sunset
Outback Sunset
Golden Glow
Cathedral Cove
Bombo Quarry
Poseidon's Fury
Tessellated Pavement
Lake Tekapo
Milford Sounds
Moeraki Boulders
Mt Egmont
Salt Flats
Crater Lake
Bryce Canyon
Namibia Sunset
Sunrise in Myanmar I
Sunrise in Myanmar II
Sunrise in Myanmar III
Sunset in Myanmar
Cathedral Cov
Sir Mt Egmont
NZ Volcano
Shipwreck I
Shipwreck II
Strbske Pleso
Strbske Pleso I
High Tatras
Katherine's Gorge
Grand Teton
Monument Valley
Mormon's Row
Death Valley
Sand Dunes
Dune 45
Painted Hill
Crater Lake
Yosemite NP
Cathedral Cove I
Reflection I
Surfers Paradise I
Sunrise I
Lake McDonald
Sydney Sunrise I
Sydney Sunrise II
Sydney Sunset I
Sunset Beach
Tanah Lot
Rice Terraces

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