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is a bustling tourist district on the western outskirts of Kyoto.  You can use your sightseeing pass to get there by bus.  Arashiyama has a wonderful atmosphere.  The Togetsukyo Bridge is Arashiyama's well known, central landmark and is a great object for photography, especially with beautiful autumn colours in the background.





The rickshaw is a unique mode of transport with two big wheels and a man to pull it.  The drivers are very busy especially during autumn leaves and can run up to 30 kilometers in a day!!.  No wonder that they all look so fit.

It is very pleasant to walk around Arashiyama.  If you are hungry, just have lunch in one of the many restaurants that are around this area.  Many visitors want to see the the two Bamboo Groves.  One of them is behind Tenruiji Temple and the other one in Adashino Nenbutsuji. The second one was more impressive for us.  It took lots of patience to wait for a moment without tourists in the picture, we somehow we managed to get few.

Adashino Nenbutsuji Temple

This temple was founded in the early 9th century when the famous monk Kobo Daishi placed stone statues for the souls of the dead here. Today, the temple grounds are covered by hundreds of such stone statues.

Monkey Forrest

Located in the Arashiyama mountains, the entrance to the monkey park can be found just south of the Togetsukyo Bridge. After hiking uphill for about ten minutes, you will find an open area with monkeys roaming freely around.

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