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Walking around was really hard because you are mainly walking through deep sand, and up and down steep hills.  The temperatures during our hike were extremely high (mid 40C) with no trees with shadows to hide under.

We decided to walk the whole trail but it was very hard to find out at which point we should turn back.  We stuck to the cliffs edges but be careful as they can take you all the way to Paria if you don't turn left soon enough.  At one stage we almost got lost but were lucky to find the way back to the road. Our significant point was this bath and cattle fence around the "bee nests" which marked the beggining of the trail.


Despite the fact that we carried plenty of water, we still managed to run out almost at the end, mainly because of extremely high temperatures and strenuous hiking.  We are very fit but this was probably the most difficult hike we've done on this Photo Tour.


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