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Beach of Cathedrals - the pearl of the Bay of Biscay

One day we came across a picture of a beach with 30m high Cathedrals on the internet. We loved it so much, that we made it our mission to find and visit this place during our trip to Europe.  We even had to make a 600km detour but it was definitely worth it.  The biggest challenge for us was to calculate the tide and sunrise because this place is only accessible during the lowest tide.  The window of opportunity to take pictures is only about 1 hour each day.  The place will then get inundated with water and there is no escape.  During the walk there, you will encounter narrow grottos before seeing the great arches lined up in a row as far as the eye can see.

The beach is reached via steps which lead directly onto the only small area which remains dry during high tide - at least when the water level is not higher than usual.

Once there, you can begin exploring the beach.

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