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Ta Prohm


This temple was one of the main reasons why we came to Siem Reap.  This place became well known after the Tomb Raider movie was filmed here.  It definitely didn't disappoint.  We came back a couple of times, but the best visit was when we arrived very early in the morning while it was still dark.  The walk from the car park to the temple was quite amazing with the jungle just waking up around us.  The feeling inside the temple without anyone else around was just magical.  We felt shivers down our spines when we walked through the dark corridors of the temple.  Officially the place opens at 6am but there is no one around to stop you from going inside.

Our first visit here was just after 7am and the light was already too strong for decent photos.  The biggest challenge for us was to accommodate a boring sky to our pictures.  There were no clouds around and the sky was definitely not blue.  It was almost white and on most pictures the histogram showed an overexposed sky.  Because of this, we were trying to compose our pictures without it where possible or we had to adjust our pictures in the post processing.

We were quite impressed with the black & while and platinum photos.

Ta Prohm is an impressive complex with stone pillars and fig tree roots that intertwine, thus creating an ethereal atmosphere.  This is one of the largest sites in the area and you can spend hours and hours taking pictures or just absorbing the history and energy of this amazing place.  Definitely temple number one for us.

We really liked the long corridors and the detailed carvings in the temple.

Only one small disappointment for us was another construction site with a huge crane inside the temple right in front of the tree roots below.  This made photo opportunities of this amazing place so much harder.  We have to say though, that thanks to the restorations this place will hopefully be saved for many generations to come.  it definitely deserves it!!!

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