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Kampong Phluk Fishing Village


Kampong Phluk is a Cambodian fishing village and has a completely different vibe to the Vietnamese floating village.  People are more polite, don't bother tourists and are not pushy when it comes to selling you something.  The boat trip cost us 20 USD per person but it was worth it.  We were taken on a large boat (only two of us and our driver) to the lake.  If you are interested, they will take you through the swamps on the small boats but we didn't want to take a risk falling int the water with our photo equipment.                                                 

The boat takes you through the village and you can see the real life of local Cambodians.  We asked our boat driver to drop us off on one side of the village as we wanted to walk to the other end.  The kids in the village were adorable and we couldn't resist taking a few photos and playing with them for a while.  Their smiles were infectious despite the fact they didn't have much.  Life here is very hard.                             

Kids absolutely loved seeing themselves on camera.  For them it was the best entertainment ever and they were happy to pose for a few photos.

People go about their daily lives around here and are not bothered by the few tourists that occasionally walk around their village.

This was the only monk we met in Siem Reap who actually wanted money for posing for a picture.  It was going towards the restoration of the local temple.

This was our boat driver and as you can see he was looking after his appearance.  Hair nicely combed, never mind the shoes.

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