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Sunset Beach


Next morning we've decided to check out north part of the island.  It is only 60km drive from Honolulu to the northern beaches.  We found out that there is one campground in Mokuleia so headed stright there to book the spot for the night.  The entry to the camp is opposite Dillingham Airfield and belongs to church.  Spaces in the camp are large, showers very basic but have hot water.  The camp was empty, so we had no problems to secure the site.  We paid 36 USD for the night.  


After putting our tent up, we headed off to the Sunset Beach, hoping to get photos of the Banzai Pipelines.  We were getting quite hungry, so we stopped by at Giovanni's food truck beside the road in Haleiwa who offered beautiful shrimps with garlic rice.  We paid 12.50 USD for 12 shrimps but they were delicious.

Then we had few short stopovers along the road as the beaches over there are beautiful.  We loved Waimea Bay on the pictures below.


Unfortunately we were not lucky to see any Banzai Pipelines as the weather was very calm.  Arriving at the Sunset Beach, we had to find parking along the road but we had no problems.  It was only early afternoon, so we've decided to take a few photos of the white sand beach with a lone palm tree on it while waiting for the sunset.


As the sun was getting down, the colours softened and crowds started to arrive to watch sunset.


East Part of Oahu


In the morning we started our drive around East part of the Island.  Our first stop was Turtle Bay which has the only resort on the nort side of the island.  The bay was very nice with shallow water but we didn't see any turtles there.  Only few kilometres south of the Turtle Bay is the Polynesian Cultural Centre.  The general admission fee is 49.95 USD and package with dinner and show is 99.95 USD.  Due to time restrictions we didn't have time to visit this place.


Driving along the east coast, you have beautiful beaches on the left hand side and stunning Koolau Ranges on the right hand side.  There is a large park at Kualoa Point where you can see the Chinaman's Hat as well as ranges on the other side of the road.


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