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Akaka Falls



Driving from the north, we stayed at the Kalopa State Park for the night.  There are only 3 camp sites available so booking and printing of your receipt has to be done online and before you arrive.  This campground was very hard to find, our GPS took us to the wrong gate couple of times.  The park is not far away from Honokaa but to get to the park you drive through many small, narrow and confusing local roads.  But we have to say that jungle noises throughout the night were absolutely awesome.  It was alive whole night and you felt like you are on a movie set.


Akaka Falls are not far away from Honomu.  There is the pleasant 0.6 kilometre uphill hike that will take you through a lush rainforest filled with wild orchids, bamboo groves and draping ferns.  There are two waterfalls in this park - Kahuna Falls, which is about 30m waterfall and Akaka Falls with impressive 135m drop into a stream-eroded gorge.


Umauma Falls


These waterfalls are located about 26km north of Hilo but the signs to the falls are hard to see from the main road.  Keep an eye on the Zipline Experience sign which will take you to the waterfalls.  They are only accessible through the Umauma Experience so you have to pay an entry fee which is 6 USD per person.  This triple tiered waterfall with three levels resemble great lava stone steps with recesses that create tranquil little pools surrounded by tropical plants and trees.  There is only one platform from which you can take the photos from with no access to the bottom of the falls.


Rainbow Falls


Rainbow Falls are located in Hilo, have a 24-metre drop and 30m in diametre.  The are known for the rainbows that are formed in the surrounding mist  on sunny mornings around 10AM.


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