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The Kachina Bridge

It is named for rock art on the bridge that resembles symbols usually used on kachina dolls.  This bridge is the second stop on the loop road.  It is 64m tall, 13.5m wide and it's span is about 62m.  The hike to the base of this bridge is 1.2km one way with 122m elevation.  It takes about 1 1/2 hours to complete and is also quite strenuous.  Kachina is the thickest bridge in the park.


Just to see the enormity of this bridge, try to find Iva on the picture above.  We'll give you a hint, she is waving at you:-)

The Owachomo Bridge

which means 'the rock mound' in the Hopi language is the last bridge to visit on the loop road.  Although it is the smallest of the three bridges (32m tall, 8m wide with the span of 55m), it is the most photographed bridge in the park mainly at sunset and at night.  This hike is the easiest with only a 300m one way and 55m elevation.



The setting sun truly paints the bridge with a golden colour as you can see on the left picture below.  On the picture on the right hand side you can see the bridge from the other side.

Night Photography

The Natural Bridges is officially the first International Dark-Sky Park, which has some of the darkest and clearest skies in all of the United States.   Although we were unlucky as we had a full moon during our visit, we still managed to get a few nice shots of the night sky of the Owachimo Bridge.  For these night shots we used light painting with a torch.



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