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Points of Interest close to the park


Gooseneck National Park

To access this park, take a short drive from Road 261 from the Mexican Hat to the Natural Bridge National Monument Park.  This is the classic overlook of the deep meander of the San Juan River, very similiar to the Horseshoe Bend but much bigger.  It is about 300m deep. There is a large carpark with simple toilets and a few picnic tables but there are no trees around.  

The Wilson Arch

Driving toward the Arches National Park on US Routte 191 about 38km south from Moab you can see this arch on the right hand side from the road.  You can park your car on the side of the road in the parking lot and take a short hike to the arch.  The views of this formation and surrounding area are quite spectacular.


The difference between natural bridges and arches is that bridges are formed by the erosive action of moving water and arches are formed by other erosive forces like frost, moisture and wind.


Hole in the Rock

Only a few kilometres down the road towards Moab you can stop by in this quirky, out-of-the-box thinking place. There is a living and gift shop space carved out of red sandstone.  There is a small Zoo, Hole-N-the Rock store with unique souvenirs and memorabilia, Trading Post with locally made Native American items and a General Store.  You can just enjoy walking around and seeing vintage and humorous signs, mining equipment and various other artifacts.



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