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Cinnamon Wild Yala Resort


And we were off to the Cinnamon Wild Yala Resort for the next couple of days.  Once you turn off the main road and drive towards the resort, the road is really bad, full of potholes.  We highly recommend to hire a driver with 4WD.  Our Prius was not a suitable car for these type of roads.  The resort itself is quite nice but you can see that it's getting a little bit old and needs some maintenance.  It has a nice pool area and challets are quite spacious.  A huge bonus of this resort is that lots of wildlife is roaming it's grounds because the resort is inside the National Park fenced area.  If you are lucky, you can see elephants, deer, wild hogs and lots and lots of monkeys which get crazy just before sunset and after sunrise.  They jump from roof to roof and make quite a noise.


There is a lake in front of the resort with lots of crocodiles.  We didn't realise this until one of them jumped out of the water while we were taking pictures of the sunset, standing only a metre from the edge of the lake.  You can imagince the scare he gave us.  Only then we realised that this lake was full of crocs, with only their heads or backs sticking out of the water.


Sunset was quite spectacular.  On the right hand side of the picture you can see how close to the edge of the lake is one of the crocodiles.

We also discovered part of the lake that was semi dry with a beautiful green algae in it.  As soon as we saw the contrast between the dark cracked earth and the green algea we knew that we found something special.  We loved it so much, that we could spend a whole day only here taking photos.

When we woke up the next day at 5am, we headed towards the beach (the resort is situated on the beach) and to our surprise we saw fresh footprints from an elephant.  Unfortunately we must have just missed him.  The beach is quite nice and peaceful but the waves over there were extremely powerful.  The water was crushing against the large boulders to the height of a few storey house.  It wasn't suitable for swimming but we managed to get few photos of the sea rage.

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