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Life around the island


We have to admit that one of the most interesting things in Sri Lanka was taking pictures of the local people and their daily lives.  People were reallly nice and always wanted to be photographed.  We loved the fishermen in Galle pulling nets from the sea.



Snake charmer doing a performance with his cobra on the ruins of the Galle fortress was quite adamant to get 500RP for a snapshot.  100RP wasn't enough and there were so many tourists around willing to pay.  He was doing financially quite well.


We loved getting lost in the small side streets of Galle...


The man on the picture below was doing laundry for the whole local hospital.  There was not a single washing machine around and yet, he managed to be so happy.  His smile and attitude towards life was admirable.


We also stopped by at the local market.  On one side of the road was a wholesale market and the locals were waiting in their cars in a long queue to get inside and sell their produce.  On the other side of the road was a local market where you could buy anything from spices to a local delicacy - dried fish (the smell was quite overwhelming).  The old couple in the tuk-tuk below was patiently waiting for someone the whole time we were there and yet they were smiling.  They didn't rush like we do quite often in our lives. 


We met lots of people that travel many kilometres to temples around Sri Lanka to pay their respects and for prayers.  They are often very tired and can't afford hotels so they have a rest wherever they can.  There are small kitchens with free food for all worshipers around several temples.

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