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Arches National Park

Arches national park contains the largest concentration of natural stone arches in the world (more than 2,500).  It is also famous for it's gigantic arches, windows, natural bridges, balanced rocks, spires and other unique wind-worn sandstone formations.  The entrance to the park is only 8km north of Moab on US road 191.  Park entrance fees are $10 for private vehicles and $5 for individuals on foot, bike, or motorcycle. These fees allow entrance for seven days.  Or you can use the $80 one year pass which also allows you entry to all national parks.


The distance from the park entrance to the Devi's Garden which is on the far, north end of the park is approximately 30km.  The best way to explore this park is by car and stop by at different points of interest.  Park Avenue Viewpoint (pictured below with a trailhead is one of the first on the left hand side.) 


Park Avenue Viewpoint






Three Gossips

The moderately easy walk trailhead ends at the Three Gossips and is 1.6km one way.  If you don't feel like walking you can drive your car around and stop at the carpark where you can also see the other points of interest like The Organ or Courhouse Towers.  This rock formation is over 100m tall.  


Below are two pictures taken during different days and conditions.  The one on the left hand side was taken during a cloudy day and the one on the right hand side early in the morning creating a nice golden colour on the rock formation.



Petrified Dunes

Driving further along, on your right hand side you can see The Petrified Dunes.  They were created by the hardening of sand dunes into stone. From this road you can also see the Windows section in the far distance.


Balanced Rock

This point of interest is right beside the main road just before you turn right to the Windows section.  It's an easy 0.5km walk around the base of this interesting rock formation.  The total height is nearly 40m and the big rock on top is the size of three school buses.



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