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The Windows section

Just behind the Balanced Rock, turn right from the main road towards the Windows section, which is 4km each way.  The first point of interest is the Garden of Eden which is only a short walk from the carpark.


At the end of this road is a small loop with two carparks.  The first one for North and South Windows and Turret Arch.  The second carpark is for the Double arch and Cove of caves.


The windows loop is 1.6km round trip which takes you to the three large arches.  The first one on the left hand side is the North Window and just behind it is the South Window.  You can see both windows at the same time from the Turret Arch.


The windows are better photographed in the evening just before sunset but keep in mind that there are always many tourists around and it is hard to get a picture without people sitting in the North Window.  They are the tiny dots on the bottom picture (in the left window)

Turret Arch

This arch is on the same loop, only a shot walk from the North and South Windows.  Turret Arch is better photographed in the morning and is accessible by climbing up through the arch so you can get up close and personal.  You can then take pictures from both sides of the arch.



The view of Turret Arch from the other side depicts the part of the North Window.



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