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Double Arch

From the second carpark in the Windows section, it is an easy 0.8km walk to the arch and back.  The Double Arch is one of the better known arches in the park and is truly spectacular.  The larger opening has a span of 45 meters and a height of 32 meters.  Just to give you an idea of it's enormity, a member of T-Travel is sitting on the rock in the middle of the picture below.  We tried to take a picture in the morning just before the sunrise as there were no tourists around at this time of the day.  Be mindful as it can get quite crowded later on in the day.  


This arch is great for your artistic expressions as you can take pictures from lots of different angles.

Delicate Arch

After returning to the main road from the windows section, turn right and drive another 4km north before you turn right again and drive another 2km to Wolfe Ranch.  There is a carpark with pit toilets but the carpark gets full very quickly, especially in the afternoon when it is the best time to explore this famous arch.  This 20m arch is photographed by many people every day.  The best time is before sunset but keep in mind that it is about 4.8km round trip with no shade and 146m elevation.



On the picture below on the left hand side you can see a member of T-Travel in action and on the right hand side is the final product of the shot with his 14mm wide angle lens.

If you want to take a picture of the arch from the other side, you need to drive another 1.6km from Wolfe Ranch and hike another 0.8km up the hill to the top of the nearby ridge.  This side is better for morning photography.  If you look closely at the photo below, you can see the enormity of the arch in comparison to the people scattered below.

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