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Yosemite National Park

You can enter Yosemite National Park via several entrances with Tioga Pass Entrance and South Entrance being the most popular. Yosemite is famous for its impressive waterfalls like Nevada Falls, Vernal Falls, Bridalveil Falls and of course Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls to name a few.  We entered the park via the Tioga Pass Entrance and enjoyed the scenic drive passing forests, meadows, lakes and granite domes. We thoroughly relished driving through the park soaking up stunning vistas surrounding us all the way through.



There is only a one way road to get to the Valley Visitor Centre and out of the park (Southside and Northside Drives), which can cause traffic congestions especially during summer and holidays in general.


We first stopped at Bridalveil Falls along Southside Drive.  When we visited the park a couple of years ago, we couldn't even get to the waterfall as it was too wet with the pathway partially under water.  This time around it was much better, but there were too many people climbing around and getting in the way of our shots.

Lower Yosemite Fall attracts many people because it is very easy to access.  1.6km round trip will take you about 20 minutes to complete. Taking a photo without people in it is challenging, especially long exposure shots, like on the right hand picture above.  We were unlucky to be there during the 4th of July holiday so there were always many people wherever we went.


Half Dome

In the evening we decided to take a few photos of the Half Dome, taking into consideration which location would be the best and the least crowded.  We found a meadow not far away from the General Store which perfectly suited our requirements.  The deer wandering around were a nice bonus.  We kept our distance but still managed to get a few nice shots.








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