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Walking between these giants you feel dwarfed and feel like you are in a fairy tale.  The scenery with blooming flowers is really breathtaking.

We really liked Mariposa Grove Musem which is located in a picturesque setting surrounded by giant sequoias and beautiful flowers.

Our last stop was the Telescope Tree.  Close your eyes, walk in and slowly open your eyes.  Incredible!.  This tree is still alive and still produces seeds.


There are several options for accommodation in Yosemite but you need to book well in advance.  Camps get fully booked several months ahead and once they are fully booked, you are out of luck.  The most popular camps are Housekeeping camp, and North and Lower Pines camps.  


Curry Village offers their tents but they are very expensive and very uncomfortable.  The quality is very poor, you feel like you are in a prison with basic beds, no ventilation and plastic walls which are see through when you turn your lights on in the evening.  There are about 1000 tents squeezed next to each other with approximately 14 showers and 10 toilets (womens and mens each) for the whole camp, which creates long queues if you want to have a shower.


The food is equally appaling with no healthy choices available.  The famous Curry Village pizza is $19 for a large, $16 for a medium and $8 for a small with two toppings only.  Each topping costs extra and the pizza is dry and very poor quality.  The queues for other food are equally long, sometimes an hour till you get to the counter and then another 30 minutes to wait for your order.  It is a pity that such a beautiful park doesn't provide enough facilities and food options to the thousands of visitors who visit this park every year.

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