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As we were snapping away, we suddenly heard a strange noise coming from the other side of the meadow.  We looked across and surely enough, we saw a nice, healthy brown bear wandering around.  Unfortunately he was too far away and visible for only a few seconds, which wasn't long enough for us to get any decent shots.  


That encouraged us to come back the next day, when we positioned ourselves on the other side and waited to see if he would show up again.  In the morning, we drove up to the meadow again and suddenly spotted a mother bear with two little cubs just beside the road.  As we stopped our car, she got spooked and started walking away.  We didn't want to follow her, especially when she was with her cubs.  They are wild animals after all and they protect their offspring.  In a split second, Zdenko managed to get one quick shot.



We found a nice elevated spot overlooking the meadow and started to wait.  To protect the flora of the meadow, it is not allowed to walk through, but there is a large tree that fell across and is now used as a walkway from one side to another.



That was when we heard a familiar noise again.  Surely enough, a nice big bear was walking towards us.  We always kept a safe distance from him but followed him around for several minutes.  At one stage he got between us and separated us which was quite concerning, especially because there was no one else around. Keeping a safe distance from him and making sure he didn't spot us definitely helped.

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