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We were truly amazed by how strong and quick these animals are.  With one swipe of his hand, he managed to tear away a huge chunk of the tree. Then out of nowhere he climbed up the tree in seconds.  Now we really believe that there is no point climbing trees to escape bears.  He also surprised us when he started running and boy was he quick.  That also proved that running away from him wouldn't be very helpful either.



Then before we knew it, he walked towards the meadow, managed to pose on the log perhaps pretending that he is tired and then disappeared.



Tharp's Log

Excited after this beautiful encounter, we took a short hike to Tharps Log.  The trail starts at the Crescent Meadow and it is an easy walk through the forest.  Tharp's Log is a giant sequoia log hollowed by fire through 17m of its 21m length. Named after Hale Tharp who used a fallen log as a cabin when moving cattle to Giant Forrest in 1861. A fireplace, door and window exist at the wider end, with a small shake-covered cabin extension. It is located near the Log Meadow in the Giant Forest grove of Sequoia National Park.



Tunnel Log

This fallen sequoia that was tunneled through is on the same road as Crescent Meadow.  It is the only tree in this park that you can drive through and sometimes there are queues to do so.  The tunnel is 2.4m high and 5.2m wide.

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