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Moro Rock

This granite dome has lots of stairs to climb up before you reach the top.  The elevation is about 91m so the walk can be very strenuous for some people.  From the top, you will have spectacular views of the western half of Sequoia National Park and the Great Western Divide.



Congress Trail

This trail begins at the Sherman Tree and is connected to a few other trails like Circle Meadow Trail or Alta Trail.  We continued via Circle Meadow Trail back to the Sherma Tree.


The trees on this trail are very impressive.  The first tree we saw was a massive sequoia called The President.


The trail then continued to a group of a few giants, but they were relatively small in comparison to the other trees in the park, called The Senate.



During our visit, there was a fire in the park.  We saw several burned trees and firemen crew had to take us through parts of the trail that was still burning.

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