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Undine Bay


It is an easy and relaxing drive around the island.  You can stop at any time, look around and soak up the island atmosphere.  Passing local villages with kids playing outside is an enjoyable experience.  We decided to take a small break just before reaching the small village Emua and wandered to the beach.  The scenery was breathtaking and despite the weather we decided to take a few photos.



Each tree around the island tells a story.  We were amazed by their shapes, sizes and especially the exposed roots.  While trying all possible and impossible angles for our photos, a few kids appeared out of nowhere.  They were really curious about what we were doing, but were quite shy.  We smiled and waved at them and after exchanging a few words, they agreed to pose for our pictures.  Always carrying sweet treats in our car, they were more then happy to get their share and then giggled before running away.

Eton Beach


The next stop for us was the famous Eton Beach.  The entry to the beach is 300 Vatu per person which is paid directly to the tribe that maintains the beach.  As we mentioned before, we were quite unlucky with the weather but despite that the water was crystal clear and had a nice turquoise colour.  



What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than playing soccer on the beach or having fun jumping into the lagoon. 


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