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Blue Lagoon


Right beside Eton Beach is Blue Lagoon.  The entry fee is 500 Vatu per person and it can get quite crowded when the large Cruise Ships are in town.  We were lucky enough to have the whole lagoon to ourselves, mainly because the weather was not great and there were no large Cruises in town that day.



The blue holes are created by fresh and salt water layers over limestone. This is a great place to stop for a refreshing swim.  There are bright blue BBQ tables set up with little shelters which were a nice touch but otherwise the facilities here were the scary type of basic.

And how can you resist a Tarzan swing which proved to be lots of fun.

Narpow Point


Just before reaching Port Vila, we decided to take a small detour and drive along the beach at Narpow Point.  The seascape is quite rough, with many sharp rocks and coral but the water was yet again incredibly clear.


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