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Banyan Tree


Only a few kilometres down the road we spotted a huge Banyan Tree called Bigfala.  Technically a ‘pest’, these huge trees with their magnificent root system provide excellent shelter for locals caught without cover in a cyclone as well as photo opportunities. They belong to the fig family and while they can only grow to a height of 30 metres, their girth continues to grow..



The size of it's roots is astounding.  You can literally get lost inside it.  No wonder they reminded us of scenes from the film "Avatar".  Even Big Fella Zdenko was quite small compared to this Bigfala.

The second impressively sized banyan tree was in Pango Village.  This one had a tree house built between it's branches but wasn't quite finished yet.  Nonetheless, it was equally as impressive as Bigfala.

Port Vila


Port Vila is Vanuatu's largest city with a population of around 44,000 people.  The city itself is quite small and you can easily walk around it.  The buses are usually small vans marked with the letter B on their number plate and you can hail them when you see them passing by.  


Iririki Island is opposite the local market, easily reached by a small boat.  Some people even swim across to the island.  Below are pictures during one rainy afternoon.


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